It’s not who has the best algorithm that wins, it’s who has the most data

Each month AI Inside processes over on million individual purchase invoices from nearly 30 000 individual companies. Now you can connect AI Inside to your own purchase invoice process.

Easily tailored to your needs

Whether you need an update to a single part or a complete overhaul of your purchase invoice processing – AI Inside is the solution for you! AI Inside can be integrated into your existing UI or used in a separate whitelabeled UI.

Offers highest level of automation

Don’t invest your money and effort into outdated technology. Progressive Automation represents the highest level of purchase invoice automation where A.I. learns autonomously to process up to 95% of all purchase invoices.

Used by +25 000 companies

Let the numbers speak for themselves. In December 2022 we processed over 1 000 000 individual purchase invoices of over 25 000 Nordic companies.

Everything you need to modernize your invoice processing process

AI Inside offers building blocks to modernize your purchase invoicing process. You can use AI Inside to update a part of your purchase invoice process or the entire process. Integration is done using the modern REST API.

  • The most advanced automation on the market

  • Easy to embed into your existing UI
  • Pick what you need – Invoice digitization, automated data entry, and/or Progressive Automation
  • Proven track record with over 25 000 Nordic companies

Progressive Automation Is the Future of Purchase Invoice Automation

Progressive Automation reduces the number of purchase invoices to be processed by a human

Almost all automation solutions on the market focus on automating data entry (account numbers, dimensions, VAT code etc.). Progressive Automation takes automation further and its purpose is to reduce the number of invoices for the accountant to process, and not just to prefill information on purchase invoices.

During the first six months Progressive Automation freed up more than 1 000 hours from our accountants

In Progressive Automation, 20% – 95% of purchase invoices are processed autonomously by the A.I., and the remaining invoices are left for accountant. As a result, up to a week of extra working time per month is freed up for the accountant.

Some Of Our Partners

Dive Deeper Into Our Partners

Visma Public

The Visma group consists of over 200 companies across more than 20 countries worldwide. Visma’s headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway.


Tripletex skal være førstevalget og en «One stop shop» for SMB-markedet og for regnskapsførere. Dette skal vi klare ved å forenkle, automatisere og utfordre.

Accountor Finago

The software of the Accountor Finago product family is already in use in more than 120,000 companies and more than 1,600 accounting offices in the Nordics.

CASE: From 0 to 20,000 users in 8 months

Tripletex is the most used cloud-based accounting system in Norway with 70,000 customers – and for good reason!

Tripletex integrated AI Inside into their UI and started providing Progressive Automation to their customers. During the year 2022, the number of companies using automation has increased from 0 to over 20,000.

What Our Customers Say

Some kind words from our respected Progressive Automation customers

“AI changed the game!”

Good results from automation have led us to expand the use continuously and further develop our processes together with FabricAI.

TONI Hovinen, Rantalainen

“Definitely worth it!”

The time savings granted by automation enable us to focus on improving the skills and knowledge of our accountants.

MIKKO Marttunen, Balanco

“A modern solution for accounting”

Larger accounting firms already use quite a bit of automation. FabricAI enables us to participate in the competition and focus on the future.

JOHANNA Hämäläinen, Premium Accounting

Why Work With Us?

Our A.I. is used by over 25 000 companies in Nordics

We make sure that you succeed in deployment. Deploying automation to purchase invoice processing is quick and easy. But naturally, we understand that there can be some concerns related to it.

The most difficult step in deploying a new application is implementing it. And without successful implementation, the new application will not generate benefits for the business.

We’re Waiting To Help You

Get in touch with us today and let’s start modernizing your purchase invoice process from the ground up.