We bring you everything required to be a market leader in accounting software.

Enhance your existing solution with a powerful, automated invoice processing system API. Increase customer satisfaction, boost your value proposition, and unlock new revenue opportunities. We have a proven track record on delivering results.

Smooth as butter.

Choose what fits you best. With our modern REST API, you can build your own automation product that best serves the needs of both you and your customers. Alternatively, you can choose our household Progressive Automation solution, whose performance and effectiveness have been validated with thousands of paying customers.

Bright like a diamond.

Our automation is something never seen before. Just like a Tesla car, our automation technology operates autonomously, with zero need for human intervention. Seamlessly integrate our innovative technology into your solution and watch your business grow.

Rock solid userbase.

Let the numbers speak for themselves. Our automation processed over 1 000 000 individual purchase invoices monthly of over 30 000 Nordic companies. We work closely with accountants and constantly improve our platform.

Choose the Automation That Aligns with Your Business Needs

Access our groundbreaking technology in two ways:

  • REST API: Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their existing systems with our AI capabilities. You manage the integration, we provide the revolutionary tools.

  • Whitelabel UI: A ready-made product that we’ll help you integrate Progressive Automation into your existing solutions.

  • Progressive Automation: Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their existing systems with Progressive Automation – without any external UI.


Bring your own vision to life with our modern REST API

Whitelabel UI

Use our whitelabel UI to offer highest level of purchase invoice automation

Progressive Automation

Integrate Progressive Automation directly into your system

Empower Your Business with the Future of Invoice Processing

Boost your competitive edge and unleash new revenue streams. Harness our technology to deliver outstanding value to your customers.

Join the Winners, Over 30,000 Businesses Driving Innovation with FabricAI.

From startups to large corporations, our technology is trusted by over 30,000 businesses to process millions of invoices each month. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from our partners.