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Software company Visma Public and Finnish hi-tech AI company FabricAI have taken a step forward in their cooperation. Visma Public has chosen FabricAI as their AI partner for purchase invoice automation as FabricAI’s AI Inside will be utilized to bring AI based automation straight into Visma Public’s software.

FabricAI’s AI Inside purchase invoice automation will provide an easy-to-adopt solution for Visma Public’s customers as the automation will be available straight in the Visma Public’s Approval user interface. The customers have no need to sign external contracts and approve various terms of services, which will allow for an even easier adoption of the automation.

The goal is to bring purchase invoice automation to Approval as soon as possible.

“FabricAI offers the most advanced AI models for purchase invoice automation, which made the choice of partnering up with FabricAI easy. Through our partnership we will be able to bring a capable automation solution to our users quickly and efficiently. No need to start from scratch and learn everything on our own,”- Jenni Moilanen, Product Owner/ Visma Public

“For the past five years FabricAI’s laser sharp focus has been in building the best AI models possible for purchase invoice automation. Partnering up with widely adopted accounting/ERP softwares allows us to bring massive time savings available for large audiences. As Visma Public has a focus on the public sector customers this means that the average monthly invoice volumes are usually measured in the thousands invoice per month, allowing us to bring even greater time savings..” – Tuukka Seeslahti, Head of Partnerships & COO / FabricAI

About Visma Public

Visma Public is a finnish company that focuses on delivering right sized solutions to accounting, payroll and administration softwares alongside professional services. Visma Public strengthens finnish organization’s by providing intelligent solutions and high quality services. Visma Public’s softwares automate tasks, develop business processes and help with business knowledge management.

About FabricAI

FabricAI is a Finnish technology company that focuses on automating purchase invoice processing. We offer our customers a comprehensive solution for processing purchase invoices, freeing up the accountant’s working time, and creating cost savings. Our artificial intelligence models process over 700,000 monthly purchase invoices of more than 25,000 organizations in the Nordic countries.

Our team combines Europe’s advanced artificial intelligence expertise in financial administration and long experience in the financial administration and accounting office industry. Together we create customized AI Inside solutions for our customers based on their individual needs.

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Product Owner, Visma Public

+358 40 7157 492


Head of Partnerships & COO, FabricAI

+358 40 0585 018


AI Inside is the most widely used purchase invoice automation solution. With the help of AI Inside, more than one million purchase invoices from nearly 30,000 companies are processed every month.

“When contemplating the providers we learned that Finland has come further than Norway regarding technological advancements in the public sector and the accounting software market. It was a natural choice to pick a provider from the most advanced market.” JORID Trandem – Product Owner – Tripletex AS

AI Inside offers developers an easy way to update a single part of the purchase invoicing process or the entire purchase invoicing process. AI Inside is a combination of technology and knowhow that allows the software developer to update the purchase invoice process to meet the future challenges of customers.

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