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Improving Purchase Invoice Processing

Improving Purchase Invoice Processing

The purchase invoices of more than 24 000 companies are already processed by FabricAI. Read more how our customers have streamlined their businesses by automating purchase invoices.

A.I. posting accuracy of 95.8%

A market-leading Finnish accounting firm Rantalainen started using FabricAI. The benefits of FabricAI became concrete for us as soon as we got to know the service. The data obtained on the accounting accuracy of the purchase invoices and the time savings have definitely been encouraging factors when it comes to the purchase decision.

Adoption rate within electronic customers 42%
Share of invoices processed by AI 72%
Faster purchase invoice processing 95%

From 0 to 20 000 customers

Tripletex launched built-in Progressive Automation in its software that enables more effective invoice processing for all customers. FabricAI has built the progressive purchase invoice automation as a custom solution to meet Tripletex’s customers specific needs and to aid Tripletex in being the market leader for the SME market.

Usage in September 2022 :

Customers using A.I.
Invoices processed monthly

Customer Testimonials

FabricAI-kokemuksia - Premium


Premium Accounting has found FabricAI’s automation to be easy to use. Customer service also receives praise from the Premium accountants.

FabricAI-kokemuksia - Balanco


For Balanco, automation has made great improvements to handling large purchase invoice masses in particular. Freed up time has been directed to specialist work and more intensive customer care.

FabricAI-kokemuksia - Rantalainen


Thanks to FabricAI’s automation, the accounting speed of Rantalainen’s purchase invoices has accelerated considerably. The accuracy of artificial intelligence has also been impressive.