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News release 3.10.2022

Norwegian accounting software company Tripletex and Finnish hi-tech AI company FabricAI have been working in close cooperation to implement powerful automation to Tripletex. The purchase invoice automation solution enables more effective invoice processing and will be made available to over 70 000 Tripletex customers this week.

Tripletex’s focus is on building the best possible solution for accounting and on being the “one-stop shop” for the SME market and accountants. FabricAI has chosen a laser-sharp focus on building the most advanced purchase invoice automation solution in the world.

“We use FabricAI’s AI Inside models in automating our customers’ purchase invoices. FabricAI has given us the opportunity to utilize market-leading automation straight into Tripletex user interface and make it available for all of our customers in a cost-effective way.” Says Tripletex CTO Are Meisfjord.

“From the beginning, it has been clear that this cooperation is a match made in heaven. By doing close cooperation and joining our forces we have been able to take huge steps forward in a short time. We have been sharing knowledge and market learnings from both Finland and Norway and have been able to tap into the best niche knowledge from both of our teams. This has allowed us to build truly powerful automation straight into Tripletex UI.” Says FabricAI Head of Partnerships, Tuukka Seeslahti.

With this collaboration, Tripletex is able to provide more powerful solutions for its customers and strengthen its competitiveness in the Norwegian market. At the same time for FabricAI, it gives a significant opportunity to expand to a new market segment and create important synergies.  

About Tripletex

Tripletex is the most used cloud-based accounting system in Norway with 70,000 customers – and for good reason!

In Tripletex you get everything you need in one system. Tripletex consists of various modules for accounting, invoicing, payroll, timekeeping and projects, all of which are seamlessly integrated with each other. You only choose and pay for the modules you actually need. In this way, Tripletex is suitable for everyone – from small to large companies.

 The main strengths of Tripletex are smart and intuitive solutions that everyone understands, automation and good opportunities to connect Tripletex to other systems you may use. This way, Tripletex gives its users a more efficient working day where you don’t have to put the same information into various systems. For example, you can connect to your bank, so that payments of bills and salaries go straight from Tripletex without having to go via the online bank. Tripletex is of course available on all devices and has a super intuitive app, so employees can work from anywhere.

With Tripletex, you can also work with your accountant if you have an external accountant, and you can easily set up how much the accountant should do and what your company should do itself.

About FabricAI

FabricAI is a Finnish technology company that focuses on automating purchase invoice processing. We offer our customers a comprehensive solution for processing purchase invoices, freeing up the accountant’s working time, and creating cost savings. Our artificial intelligence models process over 700,000 monthly purchase invoices of more than 25,000 organizations in the Nordic countries.

Our team combines Europe’s advanced artificial intelligence expertise in financial administration and long experience in the financial administration and accounting office industry. Together we create customized AI Inside solutions for our customers based on their individual needs.Read more about FabricAI:

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AI Inside is the most widely used purchase invoice automation solution. With the help of AI Inside, more than one million purchase invoices from nearly 30,000 companies are processed every month.

“When contemplating the providers we learned that Finland has come further than Norway regarding technological advancements in the public sector and the accounting software market. It was a natural choice to pick a provider from the most advanced market.” JORID Trandem – Product Owner – Tripletex AS

AI Inside offers developers an easy way to update a single part of the purchase invoicing process or the entire purchase invoicing process. AI Inside is a combination of technology and knowhow that allows the software developer to update the purchase invoice process to meet the future challenges of customers.

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